The University Eduardo Mondlane has appointed a Technical Task Team to draft a Master Plan for Tourism Development on Inhaca.

The upgrading of the Inhaca Airport is envisaged in the plan and will include the following:

1. the re-establishment of Customs and Immigration to allow direct International Flights
2. the existing North South tarred runway will be extended from 600 meters to 1,100 meters
3. the existing unused East/West untarred runway will be re-established

The construction of a Five Star Hotel and a 18 hole golf course between the main village in Inhaca and the lighthouse is also envisaged.

The plan is expected to be published and passed by the Council of Ministers within the next 3 months, and should ensure the long term protection of Inhaca and Portuguese Islands against over- and unsustainable development.

The final plans, designs, materials and methods for the construction of Aquamarine Bay Resort, will be made available on our website after compliance and approval thereof by the Authorities.

March 2010
  1. The largest Marine Protected Area on the African Continent has been proclaimed. See under "NEWS" below.
  2. The PPMR Management Plan has been published (see under "NEWS" below). The next step is for the Council of Ministers to approve the plan.
  3. We are expecting the final approval of the development any day now.
  4. The Dugong Conservation Project agreement with WWF and EOTH was signed. (see under "NEWS" below.)

June 2010

The wheels of bureaucracy is still turning as slowly as ever….. the authorities informed us that a final inspection of the site is the only outstanding requirement before approval will be issued.



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